British Columbia Kodály Society of Canada


Membership in the BC Kodály Society of Canada serves several purposes:

• Memberships support the national Kodály Society of Canada organization which promotes the Kodály approach to music education through workshops, a biannual publication, Alla Breve, and support for teachers interested in furthering their Kodály training.

• At the provincial level, workshops are offered for the purpose of bringing together music educators who share the common goal of music literacy for children.

• The BCKSC helps to provide clinicians for such events as the BCMEA conference, in order to ensure quality professional development in music education, at a time when teacher training programs are suffering.

For your convenience, you can now pay your membership online. Enter the amount in the box to your left and follow instructions. You do not need a Paypal™ account to pay online. All you need is a valid credit card.
BC Kodaly Society of Canada membership fees are:

  • $ 40.00 Regular
  • $ 20.00 Student
  • $ 20.00 Retired

Click here for a paper membership application. Click here for online membership application.

Receipts will be sent by email. Thank you!

Cost of membership in the BCKSC includes membership in the national Kodály Society of Canada (KSC) organization. For more information about KSC, see the website at

Contact the BCKSC:
Registrar, Emily Pollet
3443 Cardiff Place Victoria BC V8P 4Y9
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